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The Parish Council comprises of 8 Councillors, who remain in office until May 2019. There are no committees.

Your Parish Councillors are:-

  • Cllr. Alan Hill (Chairman of the Parish Council)
  • Cllr. Bob Marley (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr. Andrew Backhouse
  • Cllr. Darren Fullard
  • Cllr. David Joyce (co-opted 1/5/18)
  • Vacancy
  • Cllr. John Parkes
  • Cllr. Peter Tidd


Your Borough Councillor is:-

  • Cllr. Andrew Backhouse - who attends most meetings of the Parish Council.

Your County Councillor is:-

  • Cllr. Derek Bastiman - who attends many meetings of the Parish Council.

The Clerk to the Parish Council - Mrs J Marley - is the Parish Council's only employee and is contracted to work 6 hours/week.



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