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Next elections for town and parish councils

are in May 2023

While many people want a say in how their area is run, many do not even know who their councillors are or what the Parish Council can do.

From the right to make representations on planning applications, the state of footpaths to street lighting, parish and town councils have a wide range of responsibilities. They make decisions which affect your every day life.

Many people may think their opinions don’t count and public statements over the years have further reduced the hope that local action can or will make any difference. The answer is – you vote, you decide. It’s an important way of having your say on the issues you care about and choosing who will take decisions on your behalf.

To vote in any election you need to be registered to vote. To get on the electoral register contact the electoral services at Scarborough Borough Council. You can register to vote when you are aged 16 years or over but you need to be 18 or over to vote.

Come along to our meetings, get involved and find out. No matter if you don’t want to become a local councillor, you might know someone who does. By voting and getting involved, you might be able to ensure a better service. Not voting is inviting someone else to tell you how your life and community should be run.

Have a look at the What & How page to see what Parish Councils can do & how to become a Parish Councillor.



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