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This page (last updated ) contains all planning applications received by the Parish Council during 2014 and the subsequent decision by the planning authorities.

For ease of reference, the applications have been split into calendar years, based on the date the application was made. Each year has its own page, which can be reached through the links below.

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The planning authorities for this parish are Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC). From early 2013, we are no longer sent paper copies of applications or plans. We have to access the plans through the Borough Council's planning website. The Parish Council's comments on an application are taken into consideration when the authorities make their decision.

If any further information is needed, such as the cut off date for letters to the Planning Inspectorate regarding appeals pending or the date of a public appeal hearing, you can contact the Clerk.

NOTE: Planning decision notices tend to require development to commence within 3 years of the decision date.







1/14 13/02310/HS Virginia, Scalby Road Remove condition 9 & vary conditions 2 & 12 of 13/01244/HS Granted
2/14 13/02570/HS 15 Woods Grove Increase ridge height of existing roof, install dormer in side roof slope & first floor windows to front & rear Granted
3/14 14/00475/FL 66 Limestone Road Erect 1 no. dwelling Granted
4/14 14/00525/FL Iansfield Farm, Coastal Rd Erect agricultural worker's dwelling to replace existing mobile home Refused
4/14 14/00682/HS 35 High Street New log stove flue pipe & loggia extension to rear Granted
5/14 14/00848/HS 39 Scalby Road Erect second storey extension to rear Granted
6/14 14/00779/CLE The Stables, Lindhead Lodge Use of premises as separate dwellinghouse (C3) Withdrawn
6/14 14/01183/HS 22 Woods Grove Erect single storey extension & retaining wall to rear, replace 3 windows Granted
7/14 14/01237/HS 2 South End Close Erect 2 storey side extension Granted
8/14 14/01551/HS 1 Overgreen Place Replace bedroom window with french doors & extend rear decking Granted
10/14 14/01979/HS 28 Coastal Rd Demolish garage & outbuildings, rebuild garage & new rear extension Granted
12/14 NYM/2014/0676 The whole parish Potash mine (minehad near Sneaton), tunnel to Teesside and processing facility at Teesside Pending
12/14 14/02145/CLE The Stables, Lindhead Lodge Use of premises as separate dwellinghouse (C3) Granted

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